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Going on an Adventure With Your Dog? Bring These 5 Subaru Pet Must-Haves

If you and your furry friend enjoy exploring the great outdoors, make sure you are prepared for the activity with these Subaru pet items.

1.Vapur® Dog Water Bottle

Don’t forget to grab the Vapur® Dog Water Bottle as you head out the door! This compact & easily transported water bottle will help keep your pup hydrated.

The purchase of this bottle gives back to Drops of Hope with the aim to end single use bottles & ensure clean water is more accessible.

Why We ♥ It

  1. 1. Foldable, lightweight, ultra-durable BPA-free plastic bottle
  2. 2. When full it stands & rolls up when empty
  3. 3. Dishwasher safe

2.Asobu® Dog Bowl Bottle

If you’re planning to go for a walk or hike with your four-legged friend, be sure to fill up this Asobu® Dog Bowl Bottle. This bottle is lightweight with an anti-slip bowl attached. It’s perfect for a small snack or quenching both your thirst & your pal’s.

Your purchase makes a difference! Asobu will donate money to animal shelters with your purchase of this incredible bottle.

Why We ♥ It

  1. 1. Stain, odor & shatter resistant heavy-duty bottle.
  2. 2. Easy-grip handle & anti-slip base
  3. 3. Removable silicone bowl

3.Cinch Tote Pet Care Kit

Remember to pack this Cinch Tote Pet Care Kit no matter where the journey takes you. Every pet owner should keep this handy compact kit on hand that contains the essentials for any emergency!

Why We ♥ It

  1. 1. Compact & easily transported
  2. 2. Orange drawstring bag makes it easy to find
  3. 3. Includes first aid items for pets

4.Pet Bandana

Let pets show off their Subaru pride when wearing this, Pet Bandana! They’ll low sticking their heads out the window while enjoying the breeze & traveling in-style.

Why We ♥ It

  1. 1. Comes in 3 vibrant colors
  2. 1. Made from 100% recycled acrylic knit
  3. 1. Easy to clean

5.LED Clip-On Pet Safety Light

Your pet will be a beacon of light when they wear this LED Clip-On Pet Safety Light during campouts, hikes and more. Keep your beloved pup safe by being seen!

Why We ♥ It

  1. 1. 3 light modes: solid, fast flashing & slow flashing
  2. 2. Sturdy spring clip attaches easily to collars or leashes
  3. 3. Durable plastic case to hold LED light